You’ve already had the first contact made, whether it was a wink or some other expression of interest. Maybe it was a good first letter. But often people get stuck after that and feel that letter writing is artificial and it’s difficult to connect. You don’t know what to write about and what to say.

Look at the Profile

Really. The profile of your interest is where you can get some of your best ideas from. What are the hobbies and interests expressed in the profile? If you wrote someone with an empty profile and got a response, then you could be in trouble. Why did you write that person? Purely because of the picture? Even so, you’re not lost! You can mention that the profile you read is blank, even tease a little about that and say that they must be hiding their interests or have a lot of secret, is your interest a spy? Or maybe someone with a secret identity?

The profile also includes career and other information. If this is something that you can relate to, ask about that and how the person got into it. What does s/he like about it? Do they see themselves doing that in 10 years? Not only does it give you an opener, it tells you a little about what this person thinks of the work world and his future career.

Get Clues from the Other Person’s Letter

You’ve had at least a wink, flirt or basic letter from the other person. Ask about it! There is no nicer opener than saying, “Hey, I noticed you noticing me. What was it that you liked about my profile?” And then go on a bit about the note or something in that other person’s profile. It’s always easy to relate and write about what the other person says. Even if you have to do a little research into it, that shows that you are genuinely interested in the other person, and not just the pictures.

Always be Polite

Never talk about sex, politics, or controversial topics in the first few emails. Save that for until you actually know the person a little better. Maybe after a few phone calls, or even a few dates, would be better to talk about areas that tend to get people’s emotions stirring. And sex is a topic to avoid until after a few dates for sure!

When writing letters, make sure to spell check them twice. The first is by using a spellchecker on your computer. The second is by reading it out loud to yourself. There you will notice such simple errors as using the wrong typing of a word, such as writing the word “manger” instead of “manager”, which your spellchecker won’t catch.

Be Yourself – Really!

Don’t play act and write what you think the other person wants to read. Just write your own thoughts and opinions. And always be truthful, especially about who you are. Any lies and falsehoods are only going to come out in the long run, and then your whole relationship is gone. And you don’t really want that, do you?

All the best! And good luck in your online search for love.