Most of the sites are real, but the same cannot be said for some of the people who post on them.

How To Tell the Real From the Fake

Don’t depend on the site operators to tell you. The more posts they get, the more money they make. To be sure, there are a lot of genuine and sincere people looking for that special person to fit in their life. The problem is separating the real from the false. It’s entirely up to you to do all the homework. It’s time consuming, bothersome, and oftentimes frustrating, but well worth your while. The pictures can be phony, or the text, or both. Use your head as well as your heart.

Internet Dating – Red Flag Alert

This one is simple and easy to remember and should raise all the red flags in your mind. Ask them a LOT of questions, and then sit back to receive the answers and wonder why they haven’t asked you any!┬áIt’s a no-brainer. They don’t care. It’s all about them. There are some who call these on-line dating sites The good, the bad, and the ugly. For those in the know, it can be one, or all of these. With traditional dating sites it may be harder to detect a red flag as people usually message, which allows time to think of answers carefully. One has a much better chance to detect issues early by encouraging another party to get on the phone. Alternatively, there are free phone chat line out there that provide callers with ability to meet people by talking on the phone in real time. Chatting on the phone would save time on waiting for messages and help detect red flags much faster.

It’s All About Money

Many dating sites are free, if you can put up with all the ads they post there and hope you click on. Or, they try to lure you into paying for their “gold” membership to get rid of all the ads. Others will charge whatever they think the traffic will bear. The Online Publishers Association shows dating statistics from 2014 (up considerably at this date) that consumers spent $302 million on paid personals and dating content. Sites are listed by every imaginable consideration. Teens, Seniors, Disabled, Religious, ethnic, multi-racial, transgender, and a host of others.

About Those Dating Site Pictures

Are they real pictures of the person posting the ad? Some will place pictures of a good looking friend, or even a professional model. One big tip-off to a fake is one single picture. Maybe that’s all they could get or find. Ask for lots and lots of pictures. If they’re sincere, they’ll send them. Some on line sites have employees who will send you a wink or e-mail and want you to renew your subscription. They have many people to contact and will move on quickly. It’s time they can’t afford to spend on you, but your own time spent could well be the best investment you ever made.

Pay Attention to Your Gut Feelings

You’re not always going to be right, but you’re going to be right more often than wrong. Remember the old saying, “if it looks too good to be true…..” Before you dive head on into the deep side of the pool do everything you can to check out everyone you want to move any closer. One way or another, you’ll be glad you did.