Internet dating is a great way to meet new people, but it can be frustrating when responses are slow. Online daters may wonder what they are doing wrong, or perhaps even feel a bit of self-doubt at the lack of interest. For someone to be successful with Internet dating, it takes two things: a great profile and the right approach.

Examples of Good Dating Profiles

A great Internet dating profile helps showcase the personality of the dater. Each dater is unique, and the profile should give a sense of the dater’s likes, humor, intelligence and interests. A potential date should get an idea of what the person would be like to hang out with by reading the profile. In short, it should generate enough interest that the person reading it will want to send an email in order to start a conversation.

Part of the secret in getting a great profile is having it written by a professional. Daters who are not skilled in writing can benefit from hiring an online dating consultant. The key in working with a writer is to make the profile sound every bit as unique and special as the person it represents.

Where to Find Internet Dating Consultants

Online dating profile writers can be found in a variety of places. Many dating sites offer a professional writing service, but daters can also find consultants through blogs and other popular dating advice websites. Many times online dating consultants have written books on the subject, so a quick browse through or even the local bookstore can net some places to start.

Making an Internet Dating Profile Stand Out

Internet dating sites offer hundreds and sometimes even thousands of different profiles. So creating one that stands out from the rest can be a challenge. Daters should work closely with their online dating consultant to make sure their profile sounds like them. Everyone has a unique way of looking at the world, and a profile should reflect that.

A good Internet dating consultant will interview a dater to get a sense of his voice, style, and even what he is looking for in a potential match. Consultants will also offer suggestions on profile pictures, the right headline to use, the best search criteria, and how to answer the short-answer questions.

An online dating profile is much like a billboard. It’s meant to attract attention. That doesn’t mean every single person who responds will be a perfect match, but it does mean more of the right people will want to start a conversation.